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About Us

ACT Multi Academy Trust was set up in September 2023 by the Diocese of Ely.  Buckden C of E Primary Academy, a stand-alone academy for 12 years, worked closely with the Diocese over 18 months to form the Trust, which opened on the 1st September. 

Buckden C of E Primary has run for many years as a successful stand-alone academy but recognised the need to develop further in order to be sustainable for the long term.  Working closely with the diocese, the Trust was formed on the premise of schools working together as a family of schools.  A partnership of like-minded heads that shared the belief that together we could achieve more.  Together we work to support each other and provide the best possible outcomes for all our pupils. 

We are a trust, specialists in early years and primary provision.

Within the trust, there are 4 Church of England Primary Schools. 

The ACT Multi Academy Trust is a connected learning community. We share a culture of collaboration. Our team of highly skilled staff work passionately to provide the best learning opportunities through a meaningful curriculum, bespoke to each school, where children and adults acquire the knowledge, skills and positive attitudes to prepare and strengthen them for their role in society: today, tomorrow and in the future. Rather than just looking at pupil outcomes and results whilst at school, we envisage the future lives of our children, as engineers, designers, artists and teachers.  We strive for them to flourish in the world. 

Children are at the heart of everything we do. We are passionate about making a difference and ensuring our pupils achieve the best outcomes. We have high hopes for our children, no matter their background, needs or prior attainment. We place great emphasis on high expectations and quality first teaching to ensure that no child gets left behind. Therefore, education provision across our family of schools is closely matched to the specific needs of our learners, particularly the most vulnerable and their families.

Our exciting curriculum framework is framed by the Sustainable Development Goals and a range of enrichment activities provide children with the key attributes and skills which will prepare them for the next stage of their education and ensure they develop a love of learning for life.

Why work with us?

When we set up the MAT we were very clear that we were not going to target a set number of schools because, for us, it is about the quality of how we operate rather than focusing on the volume of schools we are working with.

We believe in growing capacity within each school and celebrating their individuality – we have decided that we want to nurture individuality rather than impose a set blueprint on every school that works with us. Each school is unique and that should be celebrated.  Where schools want support and advice, then the Trust will ensure that this happens.

One of the underlying foundations of how we operate is that we want to encourage schools and their staff to take risks, embrace when things don’t go according to plan and then evaluate and refine their practice.

No school is perfect, and ACT Multi Academy Trust certainly isn’t, but our key strength is our ability to embrace mistakes and use them as a learning opportunity for improvement.

We believe that operating as a MAT gives us a bright future where we work with a range of people who share similar philosophies.

At ACT, our goal is to create a MAT which links like-minded schools together to create an inspiring learning experience for all children – regardless of which school they attend.

Our driving principle is that we want to work with schools who have an open mindset and are interested in breaking some of the traditional approaches to education. Who are looking to equip their pupils with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to truly be global citizens of the future so that they flourish.

We pride ourselves on innovation, taking risks and operating creatively. It is important that, regardless of Ofsted grades, we work with schools who believe in deviating from the educational norm, embracing innovation, creativity, change and instead choose to be part of a collective team that creates a system that we fully believe in.