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Our Strategic Plan

We are pleased to introduce the ACT Multi Academy Trust Strategic Plan for the academic period 2023 – 2026.

This strategic plan:

  • Shares and defines the vision of the Board for the next three years.  
  • Expands on the Trust’s strategic objectives.  
  • Defines the key goals and performance indicators that will demonstrate our successes and the success of the schools.
  • Outlines financial management, growth strategy linked to business efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Builds upon the individual school successes already achieved.  

Underpinning the Strategic Plan are our financial and school improvement plans. These plans are tracked through the year by the Trust Chief Executive Officer who reports to and is held accountable by the Board.  

The last two years has been particularly challenging for all schools. Covid-19 has left a deep legacy that will impact our pupils for a number of years. It has affected their learning and personal development, increased the achievement gap between our most vulnerable pupils and other pupils, impacted on some pupils’ mental health and wellbeing and has deeply affected the wellbeing and workload of staff.  

Members and Trustees of ACT Multi Academy Trust are determined to support our pupils and staff to get back on track and to see a high performing Academy Trust that delivers the very best educational experience for pupils.

The educational landscape continues to evolve at pace, with the latest expectations set out in the newly published White Paper and Green Paper. Our Strategic Plan takes account of the themes:

  • an excellent teacher for every child;
  • delivering high standards of curriculum, behaviour and attendance;
  • targeted support for every child who needs it;
  • and a stronger and fairer school system.  

Our plan sets out how we will plan, guide, support and improve the schools within the Trust (and  schools that are yet to join) across the communities we serve ensuring there is a clear focus to improving leadership and governance, teaching and learning, and raising standards.   It is often said that children get one opportunity for a good education.  The role of the Trust is to ensure that the Trust provides the highest standards to enable this.