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Vision and Mission

Our vision

Every child is loved by God, and they are at the heart of all that we do. Our aim is to ensure that each and every child leaves us fulfilling their maximum potential; educated for wisdom, aspiration and global citizenship and is ready for the next stage of their learning. As we continue to grow, we remain committed to ensuring that our pupils value education and become lifelong learners to thrive in our communities through a culture of dignity and respect.

As a Trust we operate with a ‘Christian ethos’. Within our family of schools, we welcome families from all faiths and no faiths, but together we are guided by strong beliefs, moral purpose and vision.

We follow Jesus’ example by valuing and cherishing all God’s children in an ever-changing world. We are loved so we can love (Agape), we learn so that we can grow and be courageous (Courage) and therefore live our lives to the full and in thankfulness (Thankfulness), flourishing in the eyes of God today and in the future. It defines the way we ACT.

Vision statement

We value and cherish all children in an ever-changing world. We are loved, so we can love, we learn so that we can grow and therefore live our lives to the full, flourishing today and in the future, as strong moral citizens. 

Our vision is to teach children to think it, believe it, live it as a global citizen in an ever-changing world.

Both statements are encapsulated in our vision: ‘Think it, Believe it, Live it’.

What Think it, Believe it, Live it means?

  • Think it  - we aim to provide children with a vibrant, happy and safe learning environment where children feel loved and supported to explore what they think and draw on what they have learnt and been taught.
  • Believe it - we hope children develop an inquisitive mind and seek opportunities to continuously grow their knowledge, skills and experience understanding the world we live in and believe that through education they can believe that they can make a difference to now and the future.
  • Live it – we aim to develop children’s identity and ensure they value diversity and appreciate and care for the world.  We want them to understand the precious world that God has given us and that we are the caretakers of this world and how we live can make a difference.

How we will achieve our vision:

  • Ensure that we consider and listen to everyone’s point of view
  • Value all points of view of all
  • Interweave Sustainable Development Goals into our curriculum
  • Ensure that the curriculum we provide for all pupils across all our schools, whilst bespoke to that school, is inspiring, engaging and challenging for all learners.
  • The experience of our pupils is one of an environment within which they can thrive.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to create schools where learning is unstoppable and aspirations have no limit, enabling all children to flourish, no matter what their starting point or needs. Everyone in ACT MAT takes collective responsibility for success within the Trust, and we work together to bring about the best outcomes across all of our schools. We ensure that there is equality of experience and opportunity for all children, no matter which school they attend.

We believe that we amount to more than the sum of our parts; membership of our Trust leads to better experiences and outcomes for the pupils, staff, and the communities our schools serve. We are focused on preparing young people to thrive in an ever-changing world.  We are educating for sustainability in a progressive student-centred way. We strive to ignite a love for lifelong learning, a joyous wondrous journey, and teach our students the skills that we believe are required to thrive now and in the future.