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Our Sustainability Pledge

Our aim is to create a family of schools with a clear vision, purpose and direction where teaching and learning have the highest priority and students enjoy and engage in a creative, rich and relevant curriculum which is tailored to their individual needs to ensure success.

The ACT MAT will create a culture of high aspiration amongst all students, regardless of their background.  We will strive for excellence in teaching and learning so that we foster a lifelong learning ethos which promotes good progress and successful outcomes for all learners who will flourish within our distinctively Christian Ethos.

We believe it is important for all schools in our MAT to retain and promote their individual identity.  We believe in the power of co-operative and collaborative working and will actively promote school to school support so that all schools in the Trust are Ofsted Good or Outstanding.  This way of working has been the norm for the Buckden Academy Trust for the past 12 years.

Our priority is to ensure that the education experiences of our students gives them the skills, knowledge and qualities to succeed in the world of work and in life and become courageous advocates for the world we live in.  Failure is not an option for our students, whatever their background, they all have the right to flourish.

We believe in Inclusion, Diversity and Equality - setting high aspirations in order for all students to succeed at their individual level, in an environment we have helped sustain.

As a society we have become increasingly aware of environmental issues, climate change and the need to create a more sustainable future. Act Multi Academy Trust recognises that schools have a crucial role in achieving environmental sustainability because they help young people understand the world and develop skills and attitudes to live fulfilled lives as responsible citizens. The Trust is committed to Greener Governance through the National Governance Association’s (NGA). Greener Governance campaign which aims to ensure that all schools and trusts have a strategy for their contribution to environmental sustainability and to equip governing boards to play their role in overseeing this work.


Our Pledge

In line with this campaign, for the for years 2024 -2025 as a Trust we pledge to:

  • Reduce carbon across our Trust.
  • Formulate our Trust's contribution to environmental sustainability as a key priority.
  • Ensure that a plan is developed to make this happen in 2024.


The Trust Board of ACT have taken the decision to make environmental sustainability an organisational priority by identifying it as a key aim of the Trust Strategic Objective Plan. By doing this they have committed to ensuring that environmental considerations will form part of the Trust decision-making processes across all aspects of Trust life and work.